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For a Weekly Art-challenge at another bulletin board.

Challenge theme: "Bombs"

While everybody drew tits, I decided to go in a somewhat other direction.
Tool: Adobe Illustrator CS5


The idea is that a match holds a bomb, reflecting on vanitas, time, and death.

But I want another pose and a mode period costume. Let's go for

The hand holding the skull is too low but we're getting there.

Let's use some skull in another position.

And some ref hand. See what Google Images can find.

Too old and chubby, but I make a mental note to match it to the whole in the process.

I want the costume to be more rich-looking, more texture and more gold and lush green. Here's where I'm gonna get my ornament from:

Follow some hours of vectorization.

Looks perfect. Let's show it to a friend over Skype so I can get another's artist point of view.

Zeshtar (the boy's a Philipino and a pretty good vector artist) gives me some advice.

Looks perfect. Needs something more tough. More attention to detail, a change of transperency with actual colors to make it less muddy and more vivid.



Necklace: Simple bijous on to outlines paths:
Path 1: Pattern
Path 2: Semi-transperent (Overlay mode) radial gold gradient

Fire: another, more difficult technique which I'll save for the next time.

Till next time


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